Case Study

Shifting the Balance for Valley Metro

When Valley Metro needed a solution for its waning RideShare alternative transit program, it turned to American Logistics to develop and manage a new offering. In our new success story, learn how we helped lower paratransit cost and expand the program to six more communities.

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How American Logistics Delivered Success

American Logistics partnered with Valley Metro to understand the program’s historical performance and unique regional challenges. We designed a new system that was more accessible to riders and also helped to solve key challenges for the transit agency.

Repositioned RideChoice as a more cost-effective alternative to ADA paratransit

Ensured service availability 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year

Doubled participating communities from 6 to 12 in less than two years

Maintained strong program performance, response times, and low complaints

Eliminated the need for taxis, which were already dropping due to TNC growth

Created a system that gives more visibility and insight into overall performance

About American Logistics

American Logistics provides on-demand and paratransit services by working with transit agencies to offer transportation for eligible individuals. Local transportation providers including UBER, Taxi Companies, Non-Emergency Transportation Companies, and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Companies are all aggregated on one technology platform to provide a seamless rider and client experience through our call-center services, and web and mobile app. We currently operate in 18 states to three different market segments and deliver approximately 20,000 trips/weekday.